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Simple Anger Management, ‘Write it down’

Are you an angry person? You lose temper easily on minor things, display your aggressive behavior, yell, scream or even hitting, but later pretend or felt embarrassed by the consequences. As you know it makes a negative impact on your co-workers, friends as well as family, but bad for your mental and physical health too, especially for your heart, study shows that heart problems are common in people who usually got angry and easily. It is very important to control and calm yourself down for yourself and for other’s sake.

Anger not only gives you a bad name in social circle but also, it increases your negativity inside yourself and impacts on your health. Now next time when you couldn’t control your anger, don’t go to a therapist and do not suppress it either, because suppressing it regularly will have negative effect on your mind and emotional well-being.

Experts, normally suggests that you immediately divert your attention to other things, but at situations, would it be that easy..? okay, the other things which experts advise for chronic anger are to start jogging or exercising to calm your nerves. Cycling, yoga, dance and other physical activities are also good for that, but a new study says that if you get angry, just pick a pen and a note book, write down what you feel at that moment, or write an e mail to yourself explaining everything, the causes of your anger and also the consequence and read it later, you will find the answers and solutions, gradually you will improve your calmness and control your anger in a purely sensible manner, in fact it will make you aware of negativities of anger and will become your path to improve your personality.

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